Neighbourhood Plan

Regulation 14 Draft Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

Neighbourhood plans derive from the Localism Act, to ensure that local communities are closely involved in the decisions that affect them. In April 2016 Norton Parish Council applied to Daventry District Council (DDC) to be designated as a Neighbourhood planning area. Following this the Norton Neighbourhood Plan sub committee was developed including volunteers, business personnel and councilors from the community. The purpose of this group was to establish a Neighbourhood plan which delivers the communities needs and aspirations, but at the same time being synergistic with the plans of
neighbouring communities and DDC.

The Neighbourhood Plan is a statutory document that will be incorporated into the Borough planning framework, and must be used by DDC to determine planning applications. The Neighbourhood Plan has been produced by the community, with the support of DDC, using the views of the residents, local Businesses and interested parties.

The Norton Neighbourhood planning group has consulted with and listened to the community on a wide range of issues that will influence the well-being, sustainability and long-term preservation of this community. Every effort has been made to ensure the views and policies within this document reflect the view of the majority of Norton’s residents.

Once the plan has been made, following a favourable local referendum, the Norton Neighbourhood plan will form part of the development plan and become, with the DDC plan, the starting point for deciding where development should take place and the type and quality of that development, ensuring that development is sympathetic to, and improves the look and feel of the area. The plan also seeks to improve community facilities, services, infrastructure and the local environment to ensure that the quality of life of existing residents is improved and that future generations enjoy an excellent quality of life.

Public Consultation On The Draft Plan 12:00 noon 23rd June to 12:00 noon 4 th August 2019

From 12:00 noon 23rd June to 12:00 noon 4 th August 2019 Norton Parish Council is formally undertaking consultation in accordance with Regulation 14, Town and Country Planning, England, Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulation 2012. This is a 6-week statutory consultation.

This pre-submission consultation is a continuation of the consultation to date, which has led to the current draft Neighbourhood Plan. We want to hear from you, please give your views on any of the policies in the draft plan and any other comments you wish to make.
It is very important to the process that you (and any other members of your household over the age of 16) indicate acceptance or otherwise of the plan and if you wish changes to be made, to make those known to inform the final plan to be sent for Examination.

A downloadable version is available of the response form is available below –

Please use this form as it makes collating views and opinions so much easier to collate and submit.

You can return the form to any councilor in the village as listed in Norton News or on the website, electronically return the ,

The closing date for submissions is 12:00 noon on 4th August


After the Annual Parish Meeting in May 2015, there was sufficient interest from residents to form a Steering Group to work with representatives from Norton Parish Council to develop a Neighbourhood Plan for Norton.

Information, updates and the development of the plan will be reported on this website.

Vision and Objectives

 The Vision and Objectives of the Norton Neighbourhood Plan can be downloaded here.

Final Consultation Draft

The Final Draft of the Norton Neighbourhood Plan can be downloaded below and a comment can be made by completing and returning the accompanying form to the Parish Clerk ( or by handing it in to the White Horse Public House on Daventry Road in Norton


Agendas for these public meetings will be available to download here or displayed on the village noticeboard.

Notes for first meeting 2015 07 21
Meeting 2015 09 07 – no agenda – meeting dedicated to presentation by Kirkwells
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The minutes of a meeting are presented for approval and signature at the meeting following their date. The minutes displayed on this website have all been approved except for the most current available. They will remain as a draft copy until they are approved at the meeting the following month.The minutes relating to the above meetings are available to download by clicking on the relevant date.

Minutes 2015 09 07
Minutes 2015 09 24
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